How to Use PPC Affiliate Schemes to Earn Money Online

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PPC affiliate schemes allow webmasters to earn commissions from product or service recommendations without the customer having to make an actual sale.

Affiliate schemes are a popular revenue stream for webmasters who want to “sell” products on their websites without having to manufacture items or hold stock of products bought from others.

They are a perfect vehicle for information sites where visitors looking for advice on certain items are highly likely to click on recommended products. If they make a purchase the webmaster or publisher earns a commission.

The hard truth, however, is that on average at least 100 click-throughs are required to generate just one sale and that means traffic levels must be high to make any real money from affiliate commissions.

PPC Affiliate Programs

Pay per click (PPC) programs work in a similar way to the Google AdSense program whereby revenue is earned when a visitor clicks on a link to a product or service.

An actual sale does not have to be made as the publisher is paid on a “per click” basis. Whilst there are some PPC affiliate schemes that actually pay on the first click, the vast majority pay out on what is known as a pay per lead basis.

The initial click-through takes the visitor to the affiliate merchant. If the visitor then clicks through to one of the many offers on the merchant’s landing page, this generates a “lead” and a commission is earned.

Revenue Levels on Pay Per Click Programs

The big difference with PPC or pay per lead affiliate programs is that the payout is relatively low, perhaps only a few cents per lead compared to maybe ten times that amount on traditional affiliate schemes.

For example, a PPC affiliate merchant selling holidays may pay out 25 cents per lead versus the 2% commission paid by a traditional travel based affiliate marketing company when a visitor books a holiday.

A holiday worth $2000 may generate $40 commission after perhaps 100-200 click-throughs but the PPC option may generate the same amount in around 160 clicks. It is therefore important to test the various types of affiliate scheme to see what works best for a particular website.

Websites Best Suited to PPC Programs

Travel websites offering cheap flights can make money from time-poor visitors who don’t have time to search through hundreds of websites. They can simply offer a PPC link to an affiliate merchant like Kayak where a one click search will bring up the cheapest deals on offer from hundreds of different airlines.

Similarly, home business websites offering advice on how to earn money online can direct visitors to affiliate hosting companies who offer pay per lead commissions on every sign-up.

The trick with PPC schemes is to put the links on pages with the highest traffic. Doing this, even a website with less than 200 visitors per day can generate more income through pay per click than a pay per sale affiliate scheme and, in many cases, can easily outweigh the revenue earned from Google AdSense.

Pay per Lead Affiliate Programs

PPC schemes are perfect for websites with low visitor numbers as they don’t require a high volume of clicks to generate sales. Used effectively on high traffic pages they can generate as much revenue as a pay per sale affiliate program plus a small daily income is far more motivating than the occasional one-off sales commission.

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