Which Search Marketing Platforms are The Best?

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There are a number of search marketing platforms available to internet marketers. Consider these three to decide on which is best for a specific online business.

Success with search engine marketing depends on several factors. Generally, there are three:

– The business and their intentions

– The type of product, service, or utility that is being offered

– The business’ current marketing efforts.

Almost all of which can affect a search marketing campaign, either positively or negatively.

However, despite the somewhat exhausting list of factors, search engine marketing platforms do offer an answer for almost every business. From branding campaigns to direct response advertising, almost any business can succeed with a fine-tuned search marketing presence.

Of course, the best marketing presences are diverse and powerful. By spreading marketing power across three different search marketing platforms — content networks, pay-per-click advertisements, and organic search results — any business, online or offline, can achieve some truly stunning results. These three different search marketing platforms are expanded on below, alongside some truths, tips, and strategies for each platform.

Content Network Marketing

Google and Yahoo both offer a range of content network marketing solutions. Rather than being placed alongside inline search results, these advertisements are placed beside on-page content. For example, advertisements may appear beside articles on related subjects, as banners on large websites, or as text-only advertisements on local, subject related, or miscellaneous websites.

Content network marketing is best for businesses that are looking to establish a brand. Rather than focusing on click-through rates alone, internet marketers should think of the entire marketing equation. Every On-page impression is another advertising view, and local, online, or service-based business can capitalize on those views for branding purposes.

Pay-per-Click Advertisements

Pay-per-click advertisements appear alongside Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing search results. As these PPC advertising results do not support images or dynamic media, they are significantly less valuable for branding than content network results. However, they are very powerful for one purpose: direct marketing.

Internet marketers that are looking for instant sales are best off using pay-per-click advertisements. From affiliate sales to long-term product and service subscriptions, this type of search marketing can generate instant, short- or long-term results.

Organic Search Marketing

While not directly the result of a search engine marketing platform, organic search results appear alongside pay-per-click advertisements, and can often be a much more valuable investment for internet marketers. Rather than appearing based on per-click or per-view costs, organic search results are engineered through SEO and long-term online branding.

This puts internet marketers at an interesting dilemma: they can either continue paying for traffic, or invest time, effort, and potentially income to build a presence that does not depend on per-user costs. Before internet marketers and businesses invest in organic search results, it is best to survey just how large the market is. Short-term efforts are not rewarded with search presences, but long-term marketers could end up on the next major sales, leads, or per-customer gold mine.

Which Search Engine Marketing Strategy is Best for business?

Deciding on which is best for a business all depends on search marketing goals. Almost all search engine marketing platforms, strategies, and services can have some effect on any business. However, with some extensive research, long-term planning, and secure goals, one search marketing platform could emerge as the best option for any online business.

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