Tips to Earn More Money From Affiliate Schemes

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Make more money from affiliate schemes by following some key tips on how to become a more successful affiliate.

Thousands of people make a full time income from recommending products and services through their websites via affiliate links. The seller does the hard work by making the product; the webmaster simply has to point visitors towards the relevant company offering it and when the customer makes a purchase, a commission is earned.

Commissions vary depending on the terms of the affiliate program but even a small commission percentage can equate to a good payout on a large ticket item.

The problem for many website owners is that they rarely make a sale from their affiliate marketing efforts, which is hugely frustrating given the time and effort it can take to set up all the links to a merchant’s products.

Tips to Increase Earnings from Affiliate Websites

  • Build website traffic first. Unique visitors should be at least 500 per day as it takes an average of 100 clicks to generate one sale.
  • Gain visitor trust before recommending products. Pre-sell to them by offering advice and useful information first. A busy mom, for instance, is more likely to follow advice and click on a product after reading about how much time she will save by using it.
  • Do not recommend an unfamiliar product. Ideally you should own the product to be able to give a thorough review to the visitor before buying.
  • Partner with reputable affiliate merchants that offer good products and customer support as a bad customer experience may result in a refund and withheld sales commission.
  • Look for good commission rates when choosing potential affiliate partners remembering that a small % may still be worthwhile if selling an expensive item.
  • Avoid affiliate schemes with less than 30 day cookies. Look for 60 days as a minimum as this will allow a commission to be paid even if the customer takes over a month to make a purchase.
  • Check the affiliate partner’s sales page before recommending a product. If it fits with the style of the website promoting it, the customer is more likely to purchase.
  • Be honest when making recommendations and highlight bad points as well as good. A balanced viewpoint is more believable than a one way “this product is great” sales push.
  • Test different methods of promotion. It’s easy to set up a text link but a dedicated page with pictures and relevant links may be more profitable if trying to promote a holiday for example.
  • Avoid using banners on their own as click through rates are notoriously low. Merchants offer them as it equates to free advertising but they really only work when combined with additional affiliate links.

Look for a Tier Affiliate Program

Successful webmasters don’t just offer hard goods. A tier affiliate scheme allows participants to earn commission on sales made by all team recruits. Effectively the affiliate has sub-affiliates underneath and earns income from sales made by those second tier team members.

This type of scheme is popular with companies where the prime selling vehicle is client recommendation. Solo Build It, for example, offers a web building package and pays generous commissions to all affiliates on a tiered basis.

Perform Affiliate Tracking to Increase Sales

Understand which affiliate links work best by tracking sales. This can be done in a number of ways but the most common is to “label” each link then monitor sales via the statistics provided by the affiliate hosting company. Test a variety of approaches and see which works best for a particular website.

A travel site may, for example, do better with a search box for getting a cheap flight quote than simply recommending a company that offers discount air fares.

Become a More Successful Affiliate

Affiliate programs can be a good source of income if used wisely at the right time. Build trust with visitors before trying to hard-sell and be prepared to work hard by tracking and analyzing sales to find which type of affiliate marketing works best for a particular site.

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