Tips for Getting Facebook PPC Advertisements Approved

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These tips will make it easier for online marketers to advertise on Facebook and allow them to stop struggling with rejected Facebook PPC advertisements.

Any PPC marketer knows how difficult it can be to work with Facebook. From ultra-specific advertising complaints to randomly disapproved ads, the platform is renowned for poor dealings with internet marketers and small companies alike. Certain PPC campaigns seem to be thrown out for no reason, while certain ads are often singled out and disapproved for the most bizarre reasons, often by staffs that simply don’t seem to care.

Thankfully, it is possible to get around the frustration that seems to haunt most advertisers hoping to use Facebook as an internet marketing platform.

If Your Facebook PPC Advertisements Get Rejected, Try Again

Submitting the same pay-per-click advertisement over and over again, somehow, actually works. Facebook seems to disallow advertisements semi-randomly, and pushing ads down the pipeline over and over again actually forces them to take a look at the content.

Internet marketers that have got advertisements that fit within the TOS guidelines but seem to be randomly disapproved should try submitting them several times before giving up. Sometimes, it just takes a different reviewer to change a pay-per-click advertisement’s status from banned to approved. Patience is key, but the process works wonders.

Check Your PPC Advertisement Images for Forbidden Content

Dating websites are always getting in trouble with Facebook for running inappropriate images in their Facebook PPC advertisements. It is often difficult to tell what is allowed and what isn’t, as the guidelines surrounding what is appropriate are quite conservative. Online advertisers should take a look at the kind of content that they normally see on Facebook and follow the lead of successful advertisers.

They should also avoid making their pay-per-click advertisements too “attention seeking.” The goal is to draw eyes to advertisements without drawing the potentially frustrating laws of the Facebook advertising team.

Use Title Variations for the Same Pay-per-Click Advertisements

This is a standard part of split-testing different ads, but on Facebook it can often become a standard part of merely using the service. The site’s advertising team is known for disapproving ads for small problems, and pre-emptively submitting ads with small variations in the title, sales body, and image can prevent online advertisers from having to waste time resubmitting disapproved pay-per-click advertisements.

However, this strategy must be employed with care. Online advertisers that submit too many versions of a near-identical ad could end up having all ads suspended for duplicate problems.

Make Sure That Your PPC Tracking Software Isn’t Causing Problems

Sometimes, PPC tracking software is configured to push certain IP addresses away from offer pages. Internet marketers advertising services that are only available in certain countries should know that there is a possibility that the site’s staff won’t be able to view their ads.

No views means no approval, so advertisers should ensure that their PPC tracking software either redirects the advertising team to a similar offer, or forces a script to push them to the main website. Most PPC tracking software will be able to provide alternate URL redirection for failed offers and connections.

By following these simple tips, internet marketers hoping to launch a Facebook pay-per-click campaign can minimize the amount of time they spend on writing and submitting ads, and maximize the amount of time they spend creating products, forming innovative marketing campaigns, and attracting customers to their offers.

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