How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for Your Search Engine Optimization

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Testing keywords before placing pay per click ads using the Google Adwords keyword tool is a must for keyword and search engine optimization.

When operating a website for profit, using pay per click advertising, or PPC, is a must to get Internet traffic to the website. Before placing PPC ads, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool gives the web master important information for placing PPC ads and keyword optimization to get internet traffic to their website. The tool is also an important tool for search engine optimization, or SEO, when constructing a website.

Test Keywords on Google Adwords Keyword Tool

One way to test how many Internet users are searching for specific keyword phrases is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. By typing in a phrase, the tool will show how many Internet users are searching for specific keywords. The tool will also show related words and phrases, which is a great way to come up with other related keywords for PPC ads as well as SEO. Each row in the tool is a different keyword phrase. The columns show the following information.

  • Estimated Ad Position – This column is used for sponsored searches for cost per click (CPC) advertisement. It shows what the page position is as it’s related to the CPC.
  • Estimated Avg. CPC – This column is also for sponsored searches for cost per click advertisement. It shows the average CPC as related to the ad position.
  • Advertiser Competition – This column shows how many advertisers are bidding for CPC sponsored advertising.
  • Local Search Volume – Shows how many Internet users are searching for those exact keyword phrases for the last available month.
  • Global Monthly Search Volume – Shows the average Internet users searching for the keyword phrases in a 12 month average.

Estimated Cost Per Click for Pay per Click Ads

An important column for PPC ads is the Estimated Cost per Click. This column gives the web master an idea on how much they need to bid in order to get good ad page rankings on a Google Internet search. Once the web master establishes the maximum amount they want to bid, they can eliminate higher priced bids if they’re out of their price range.

Local and Global Monthly Search Volume for PPC Ads and SEO

Both the Local and Global Monthly Search Volume columns are important for pay per click ads as well as search engine optimization. Since the Local Monthly Search Volume shows keywords for the last available month, the web master should be careful with seasonal searches. For example, if searching for a seasonal keyword related to the year-end holidays in August, the Global Monthly Search Volume is probably a better option. Keep in mind that the monthly averages will increase as it gets closer to the year-end holidays. Pay close attention to the competition. Look for keywords with low competition and higher search volume

Website Content Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The tool also allows the web master to search for keywords by website content instead of by descriptive keywords. By typing in the web address or URL, tool will search the content of the website and suggest words and phrases as it applies in the content of a particular website.

Besides a great tool for analyzing search engine volume and cost per click bidding, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is also a great tool that shows other related keywords. The web master can also click on the top of any column to sort data from highest to lowest numbers or vice-versa for easier analyzing. The web master can also download any keywords into a text, or csv excel file. The next step is to create pay per click sponsored ads or apply keywords to the content of the website for search engine optimization.

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