Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers In 2024

Highest paying adsense alternatives are the first thing webmasters should start thinking about especially when they begin receiving higher traffic numbers as those adsense alternatives usually have some traffic requirements to meet first.

To better understand that there are some highest paying adsense alternatives to cash in on out there, let’s go through the following simple analysis:

How much traffic is needed to make $100 per day using Adsense?

Evidently, everyone’s definition of full income is different. When I started, my monthly income was $3000. That’s equivalent to $100 per day.

By the Way, I’ll be using this “$100 per day goal” in my calculations today because this seems like one of the most important milestones that people desire to reach with their niche sites.

When it comes to increasing adsense earnings, However, I usually notice that the majority of people talk more about profitable niches, Post per Click, full-time Income, etc. but not that much about traffic.

I come across hundreds of daily forum threads about people wanting to know how to earn $100 a day with adsense (or with any other ad network we’ll get to in a while, although it remains difficult to find any highest paying adsense alternatives for Non-US traffic).

In the end, traffic is all what it is about. Although there are many other factors that can affect the site’s overall income and success, high traffic is the most important.

As soon as you start driving as much as 10,000 unique visitors to your blog per month, start thinking of an adsense alternative.

Personally, the reason behind me being a full-time blogger now is because I’m using Ezoic instead of adsense on all my websites.

Also, besides being a decisive factor for your earnings, Traffic can be a barrier to joining any other better paying Adsense alternative network.

So now, how much traffic are you going to really need to make $100 per day with Adsense?

How Many Visitors to Make 100$ per Day?

When I reached about 140,000 visitors a month, I was able to achieve a full-time salary. But, that wasn’t only with one website.

Traffic was distributed over approximately 10 sites. 4 of these generated 90% of the revenue.

Does that mean 140,000 visitors per month equal $100 per day?

Well, this could be much lower or much higher. It will vary from one website or blog to another as there are many other factors that play into it. But you can consider it a good estimate.

How Can You Calculate your Adsense Revenue?

Page RPM is the most important metric to use when calculating adsense revenue for websites.

What Is Page RPM?

It’s basically the calculation of how much money your site has made per 1000 page views. It is a combination of: CTR (click through rate), CPC (cost-per-click) and traffic.

Page RPM = (estimated earnings/number of pageviews) * 1000

With adsense, I have been able to earn an average RPM ranging from $2 to $30 in different niches.

The page RPM for my English-language sites is generally higher than my other Non-English ones. It is also much higher for business blogs ($7) than for my Pets blog ($2).

My energy blog in the transition months October/November had the highest RPM which was around ($32)

Your RPM can be used to estimate your potential revenue for higher traffic numbers as well as the traffic required to make a full-time income.

If you make an average of $10 per 1000 visitors, it means that your website can earn $10 per 1,000.

This way, you can easily come to the conclusion that increasing your traffic to 100,000 visitors would result in $1000 per month. It would be $10,000 if you grew it to 1,000,000.

Although this is not a 100% accurate, but it remains a reasonable estimate.

What Is the Page Average RPM?

Adsense’s average RPM varies depending on your niche, website quality and traffic source. It also depends on how many advertisers are using Adwords.

This is typically between $2 and $5 on the low end. This can be anywhere from $5-$10 at the medium end. The high end can reach up to $50+, which is often made on financial sites.

How Much Traffic to Earn $100 per Day?

Let’s take a look at some samples stats to help us understand the numbers better.

We aim to keep numbers as close as possible. In this case, we will use a CPC value of $1 and a CTR value of 5%. How much traffic is required to make $100 per day using these numbers?

We first need to determine how many clicks equal $100.

100/1 = 100 clicks.

We need 100 clicks with a 5% CTR. The total traffic should be:

100 / 0.05 = 2,000.

We need 2000 visitors daily. That’s 60.000 visitors per month.

2,000 x 30 = 60.000

This means that we’ll need 60,000 visitors with adsense each month to earn $100 per day.

This is a rough estimate based on very good metrics. It is difficult to maintain a CPC average of $1+. CPC plays a major role in the amount of traffic required to reach this figure.

RPM stands for the amount you earn per 1000 visitors to your site. With 1000 visitors and a CPC at $1 and a 5% CTR, you would earn 50 clicks (1/5 of 1000), with $1 per click.

A page’s RPM of $50 is amazing. A site with a $50 RPM would be a great place to start building.

I would add more posts and quality content to such a website to boost my traffic to it.

Based on your traffic goals, you can calculate an estimated income.

If you can increase your traffic to 500,000 visitors per month, you’ll be able to make around $25,000 per month.

Earn More with The Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives

There are some highest paying adsense alternatives in the market, but you must meet certain requirements. Your website must be well-written and you have to meet certain requirements regarding the number of visitors.

Ezoic and Adthrive are the top two.

  • Ezoic is one of the highest paying adsense alternatives. It requires a minimum of 10,000 visitors to be able to use the pro version. However, you can still start with 100 visitors per month for free and it is the best network for non US blogs and websites.
  • Adthrive is also one of the highest paying adsense alternatives to go for. It is limited to 100,000 visitors per month and is the best network to host larger sites. However, it’s only for US-based visitors.

Comparison of the Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives : Adthrive VS Ezoic

These highest paying adsense alternatives networks offer automated ad testing that has helped publishers significantly increase their earnings.

Ezoic and Adthrive are therefore more comparable to comparing apples to apples. Both networks will greatly increase your earnings.

Ezoic is undoubtedly the leading platform in the ad network market, while Adthrive has strong claims.

Based on my own experience, I can conclude that Ezoic pays better than AdSense in terms of ad earnings.

Adthrive, on the other hand, offers a higher payout than Ezoic. I recommend AdThrive if you are able to meet their strict requirements.

Adthrive is a strong option for the American market. However, for NON-US blogs, I recommend Ezoic where you can register with as many as 10K visitors per month.

Now, we will take a closer look into the features that make each platform unique and their strategies to increase the site’s revenue.

Quick Ezoic vs AdThrive Comparison Chart:

Subject Ezoic Adthrive
# websites                            1.548                        1.401
Market share                            0,79%                         0,71%

Category position

                           12e                          13e
Minimal traffic 10.000 pageviews for pro but you can                        100.000 pageviews
Minimum Payment Threshold $20  $25
Payment net 30 45
Review time 2 days 24 hours
Revenue Improvement  250% * 3 times *
Payment options PayPal, direct deposit, Paper Cheques and Bank Transfer via Payoneer PayPal, Direct Deposit, Paper Cheques or bank Transfer

Ezoic, a Google-award-winning ad network that publishers can use to increase their revenues, uses many automated tools.

Ezoic, for example, created the advertising revenue indicator statistic to show the state of the online advertisement market.

This transparent method allows publishers to determine if their ad revenues are increasing or decreasing due to global market conditions, and how that affects their sites.

Get Started With Ezoic

Highest Paying Adsense alternatives for Bloggers in 2023 are Ezoic and adthrive
Screenshot of Ezoic.com, June 2023

All you have to do to get started with Ezoic is to register for a free.

Then you can decide whether to start with layout testers or ad testers.

Ezoic uses a manual rating system for sites. It can take some time checking your website before they can decide whether your website qualifies to be a part of their network.

Ezoic will require that your website has at least 10,000 visits per month before it is eligible for further review. Here are the requirements for joining Ezoic’s ad network.

You’ll notice significant increases in your ad revenues once you have been approved.

Ezoic has a lot to offer for publishers. They can earn as much as 80% more from Ezoic than from any other regular ad network.

I personally decided to switch to Ezoic from AdSense for one of my sites, and the results have been very good!

Ezoic allows you to easily compare their ads with what you have. You can set the amount of traffic that you would like to see their ads.

It personally set it, on one of my websites, to 90% Ezoic ads for my research and 10% Adsense “normal” ads.

This site made me earn $187 per month in ad revenues via Ezoic (17572 page views) and Adsense ($14 (2763 page views).

  • The AdSense RPM is $5.06
  • Ezoic has an RPM of $10.64, which is approximately $9.56

This is an increase of 80%!

To get the best results, load your website with many ad placeholders. Ezoic can test them for different configurations. The more testing, the better.

Ezoic also uses EPMV rather than regular CPM and CPC. EPMV stands for Earnings per Thousand Visitors to Your Blog.

The EPMV automatically calculates your site’s bounce rates and pageviews per visitor. Ezoic believes that this measure is the most accurate way to determine publisher revenue.

Remember that this is a comparison to adSense RPM.

Ezoic Has Some Amazing Features

Highest Paying Adsense alternatives for Bloggers in 2023 are Ezoic and adthrive
Screenshot from Ezoic.com, June 2023


Ezoic Ad Tester allows you to automate multivariate testing using a drag-and-drop approach. This helps maximize your revenue by balancing both the number of ads displayed and the visitor experience.

Ezoic’s AI recognizes what combination is ideal for site visitors and can use this knowledge to deliver different combinations of ads to site visitors to improve user experience.

Layout tester

Layout tester lets you test different layouts to determine which one works best for your users. This can be adjusted to the visitors. This strategy is ideal for increasing site revenue dramatically.

Big Data Analytics

Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics allows you to track visitor engagements and authenticate user behaviour. This allows you to grow your traffic more effectively.

Access data on SEO and ad revenues can be accessed as well.


Bloggers now know why speed is so important. Ezoic provides site speed tools. You don’t need to install any speed plugin.


Excellent customer service
Split testing
Proven Revenue Generating
Affiliate Service
Simple web design
Only 10,000 pageviews per month
Installation is simple
All publishing niches are approved (except those that are adult- or weapon-based).


Live chat support is no more offered.


raptive ad network
Screenshot of Raptive.com, August 2023

CafeMedia and AdThrive are now Raptive.

Raptive, like Ezoic is a Google Certified Monetization Partner that assists publishers with high-quality content to increase their ad revenues.

Raptive is now a leader in efficient, proven performance.

Raptive has a strict quality control process. To ensure that publishers meet their exacting standards, Raptive often performs manual site reviews.

Raptive will approve your application quickly if you have site traffic that is primarily from the United States. This doesn’t apply, unfortunately, to non-US blogs.

Raptive will approve your site and analyze traffic to ensure you are right for them. If the site meets their criteria, Raptive will suggest a layout that will attract quality advertisers to increase your revenue.

They will remove all traces of the old code before installing new ads to your site. They monitor your ads’ performance and notify you about new ad types.

Raptive claimed:

100% of the sites that joined their platform made more with less ads
Raptive average sites made 3x more pageviews per month
50% of sites experienced more than 100% growth
98% of sites experienced an increase of over 15%

Raptive Services:

Ads Management
Mobile Ads Optimization
Educational resources
Monetizing Video
Exclusive Premium Campaigns


Google Certified
Participation in the community
Huge revenue boost
Excellent customer service


Requires 100,000 pageviews per month
Concentrate more on niches in food and recipe areas where you’ll see the greatest boost
Only for blogs that are aimed at the US market

Taboola Native Advertising

Screenshot of taboola.com, June 2023

Taboola, one of the most used alternative advertising platforms, is simply one of the best. It offers a 100% fill rate in any geographical location and has tons of cool features such as promoted product listings and in-feed units. There are many more.

The best places to use Taboola efficiently are in Google’s sponsored search area, social media and networking sites (Instagram. Facebook. Twitter).

All of the information is managed from one central dashboard. However, you must view at least 500,000 pages to get started.


Screenshot of Media.net, June 2023

Media.net is a leader in contextual advertising, and a major competitor for Google AdSense.

It has higher revenue per 1,000 impressions than Google AdSense.

This ad network targets users using keyword search terms. This technology helps create highly contextual ads that get more clicks.

Media.net also gives you access to Yahoo and Bing networks.

The platform also gives you access to customers so that you can increase your advertising revenue and take advantage in a rich search market.

Media.net offers many design options. Media.net allows you to customize the ad formats to match the color scheme of your website.


popads ad network
Screenshot of Popads.net, June 2023

Popads can be described as pop-up ads you see online in many different forms. Popads, which is fast growing, helps you create, manage, and profit from these ads.

This service is available since 2010. They have a decade of advertising industry experience for you to benefit from.

To sign up, you only need to have 1000 visitors per month. Once you reach the threshold payment amount, your earnings will be as low as $4.00

You can withdraw your money to an AlterPay or PayPal account anytime. Each advertising fee is per-impression, which means that every time a user views an ad you are paid. Easy!


Screenshot of Adcash.com, June 2023

AdCash, not to be confused with Addcash, is another platform that serves ads. It helps 200 million users to increase their conversions, and app installations.

AdCash lets you add different types of ads, including pop-under ads and standard display ads.

AdCash also offers global coverage. It offers ads in 196 countries. This means that even if you are not located in the US, your traffic and content can still be monetized.

AdCash’s Anti Adblock Technology is another benefit.

Website visitors who have Ad Blocker enabled will still be able to see ads on your blog or website. It is able to bypass Adblocker to increase your revenue.


Screenshot of Infolinks.com, June 2023

InfoLinks is a leader in in-text marketing. This ad network makes it easy to create banner and video ads.

Infolinks is used by over 100,000 blogs and websites around the globe and operates in more than 128 nations, including the top brands like Netflix, Virgin Airlines and more. It makes it easy to monetize any website without affecting the style and integration of your website.

There are many ad types that you can choose from. They are updated frequently so you are sure they are serving only the most current and relevant content.

You just need to add the HTML code to your website to begin earning.

Ezoic and Adthrive are Definitely the Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives Out There

It takes a lot of work to increase site traffic. It’s important that you receive fair compensation once you have reached your monthly pageview goal.

We hope that this Ezoic and AdThrive comparison will help you choose the right ad network to dramatically increase your revenue instead of Adsense.

With non-US traffic, Ezoic seems to be the one out of those highest paying adsense alternatives that makes sense for you to move away from adsense. Their machine learning allows them to optimize revenue from any country, even yours.

Recommended reading : Ezoic Traffic Requirement and Ads Guidelines in 2023

(Featured Image Credit(free) : Niilo Isotalo / unsplash photos)


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